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. Andy Chang

Address: 350, Sec. 1, Zhongshan Rd.

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Based on the sustainable management, recently, we?ve
noticed that bio- technology has been promising in the wake
of electronic industry. Due to our adherence to product
quality, service, corporate sincerity and hardworking
spirit, we continue to launch superior products of high-end
quality and at competitive price, hoping to offer customers
the best after-sale service.

Prior to the product development, our company focuses on
the research on safety, namely no side effect that is
harmless to human body. Most of all, our products aren?t
designed to fit all different skin conditions but aim to
make the most ideal improvement by offering individual
layouts for individual customers.

. Offering Product Formula Designs:
The formula is made by our biotech experts. Professional
customization service and made-to-order unique formulas
are available upon customers? requirements.

. OEM, ODM and OBM Service:
Our company offers OEM, ODM and OBM service for producing
liquid, cream, powder, grease and ointment products.

. Material Sourcing Service:
We offer material sourcing service upon your

. Offering Latest Organic Multiple Formula Materials:
We incorporated the latest organic cosmetic materials to
produce various multiple formula materials in use of the
up-to-date technology to meet customers? demands.

Our company is a registered factory which has five
pharmaceutical preparation certifications including liquid,
cream, powder, grease and ointment. Having been devoting to
brand marketing for years, we own our private labels such
as cornet and nationwide wholesalers. In recent years,
deeply rooted in Taiwan, we?ve promoted our sales to SE
Asian countries and Mainland China. Welcome your inquiries
for product details or OEM service.

With technological cooperation with companies in France and
Swiss for material know-how, our products feature stable
quality and the top vogue in line with fashion world.
Welcome business cooperation from global beauty salon
dealers, cosmetic cram school dealers, cosmetic
wholesalers, direct sales dealers and private label owners.
Product layout, brand-marketing and CIS service are

Series Products: Fundamental skincare series, vitalizing
whitening anti-aging wrinkle-smoothening series,
anti-pimple series, anti-fleck softening whitening series,
anti-allergy balancing series, eye care & protection
series, special skin-care series, professional salon
skincare series, essence oil series, cosnet series, etc.

About Cosnet
A romantic, beautiful story from ocean.

Dr. Anderson and his specialized biotech team created a
touching, beautiful story for his beloved wife, cosnet.

Dr. Anderson and his beloved wife, cosnet has been
acquainted with and loving each other for over 30 years.
Dr. Anderson pities his wife who has been worried about
aging wrinkles on the skin. Women are aging faster after
they are 40 years old. By this, Dr. Anderson and his team
invest handsome money, involving themselves to the R&D of
anti-aging formula to make skin stay young longer. They had
been analyzing and extracting live-cell elements from over
300 species creations in deep oceans for 5 years. After
countless studies in the lab, they finally launch this
all-time cell conditioner.

This product is a breathtaking bio-miracle, the wonderful
applications of bio-invasion through live body cell into
skin surface.

During the studies and researches, Dr. Anderson has
discovered many marvelous clinic effects and launched a
series of delicate skincare products, dedicating to and
name after his wife. What a romantic story!

Cosnet Material Suppliers: The materials come from
world-famous biotech cosmetic firms. The formulas are
created by multiple biotech doctors and the know-how is due
to world salon specialists. Our company has been working
with tech-based firms from France and Swiss for material
know-how. The products feature stable quality and the top
vogue in line with fashion world. Welcome your inquiries
for product details or OEM service.

Cosnet Series: Fundamental skincare series,
grease-conditioning series, whitening and fleck-lightening
series, skin-softening anti-allergy series, repairing
moisturizing series, anti-aging series, EGF new-life
skin-revitalizing series, special skin-care series, etc.

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Export, Manufacture, OEM/ODM

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fundamental skincare series, vitalizing whiteninganti-aging wrinkle-smoothening series, anti-pimple series,anti-fleck softening whitening series, anti-allergybalancing series, eye care & protection series, specialskin-care series, professional salon skincare series,essence oil series, cosnet series, etc.

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Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America, Oceania, Middle and South America

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