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Mr. Li Jianfang

Address: Room 618-621, No. 70 Baidi Road, Yuntong Science And Technology Mansion, Nankai District, Tianjin, P. R. Of China

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Tianjin Hongyan Tianshan Mining Nano-Tech Co., Ltd, founded in 2001, is a an environmental enterprise with high-tech property invested by Tianjin Hongyan Mining Co., Ltd. We are supported by the Canada Nano-tech developing center and many famous domestic study centers. by use the source of Tianjin Hongyan Mining Co., Ltd, we are specialized in developing and producing environmental protection nano products and commodities.
Nano powder: tourmaline nano powder, jade nano powder, far infrared nano powder, Guiyang stone nano powder, bamboo charcoal nano powder, Maifan stone nano powder, pearl nano powder, opal nano powder, negative ion nano powder, crystal nano powder and etc.
Daily commodity: nano soap, negative ion solid air freshening agent, multi-functional bath, hand cream and etc.
Green building material: negative ion floor tile, jade floor tile, function ceramics and etc.
Our nano products are well received by many domestic enterprises in different industries, and we export products to Malaysia, Japan, Britain, Germany, Italy and etc.
Our products are mainly used in: environmental protection, handiwork, medical treatment, daily-use chemical industry, plastics, building decoration, built-in lonizer, health fabrics, health care product, cosmetics, dosage, automobile surface treatment, coating, soil improvement, water conditioning, clean the air, bioengineering and other high-tech fields. We are continuously devoted to developing new technology, new material and new products, and we have made progress in multiple projects. in future, nanometer material industry will face more opportunities and challenges. Tianjin Hongyan will continue to uphold our mission of “technology thrives enterprise, common development”, and develop the spirit of “efficient and aggressive”. We have been taking science and technology for development and depending on the quality of life. With the high quality of service and good reputation, we continuously meet customers’ demand, and make contribution to the development of nano material industry.
Main business scope:
Research and development of nano powder, superfine powder, micro powder and processing materials supplied by clients.

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Export, Wholesale, OEM/ODM, Retail, Manufacture

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Minerals & Mineral Products/n.e.s.

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Tourmaline nano powder,Far infrared nano powder,Negative ion powder ,Maifan stone nano powder,Crystal nano powder

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