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  • Country/Region: China (mainland)
  • Province: Guangdong
  • City: Dongguan
  • Contact Person: Mr. Cecilia Chou
  • Tel: 86-769-22296273
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  • Metallic Yarn

    Metallic thread are made of polyester film and supported by nylon, polyester or viscose. It has excellent lubricity, seam strength, good abrasion resistance, shinning colors and good color fastne...

    Item No. JYX

    Main category: Metallic Yarns [Last Update: 07/24/2012 ]

  • Monofilament Yarn

    There are nylon monofilament and polyester transparent thread. Both are strong with chemical resistance, low shrinkage, and high abrasion resistance. Transparent thread is widely used for sewing ...

    Item No. YSX

    Main category: Yarns/n.e.s. [Last Update: 07/24/2012 ]

  • Indigo Sewing Thread

    Indigo sewing thread: Indigo dye does not completely diffuse to sewing thread. After industrial wash the color of the indigo dyed sewing thread fades away. This is the
    expected effect and the re...

    Item No. DLX

    Main category: Sewing Threads [Last Update: 09/18/2012 ]

  • Hot Melt Thread

    Using super quality filament yarn as raw material, hot melt thread makes linear links between fabric and paper when it is heated. It's polular with seamless underwear & lingerie manufacturer, and...

    Item No. RRX

    Main category: Sewing Threads [Last Update: 09/18/2012 ]

  • Glow in the Dark Thread

    Glow in the dark thread is a thread that can store light in a long time and present aqua and white in nature light but present kelly in dark. The material can glow in the dark for at least 6 hour...

    Item No. YGX

    Main category: Sewing Threads [Last Update: 07/24/2012 ]

  • Pure Cotton Sewing Thread

    100% Cotton Sewing Thread is made by 100% cotton material, through precisely combing, combining filament strands. With good sewability and low elongation, this thread will not affected by needle ...

    Item No. CMX

    Main category: Sewing Threads [Last Update: 07/24/2012 ]

  • Bonded Nylon Thread

    Bonded nylon sewing thread is made from continuous filament high tenacity polyamide 6. It is manufactured using a co-polymer based bond. This unique bond prevents filamentation and ply separation...

    Item No. BDX

    Main category: Sewing Threads [Last Update: 07/24/2012 ]

  • Waterproof Sewing Thread

    Waterproof sewing thread is made by ordinary polyester and nylon sewing thread with special waterproof agent. When thrown in the water, it can maintain on the water surface and doesn't sink for a...

    Item No. FSX

    Main category: Sewing Threads [Last Update: 07/24/2012 ]

  • Poly Poly Core Spun Sewing Thread

    Polyester wrapped polyester core sewing thread is a high-tech core spun thread that combines a high tenacity polyester filament core with a polyester fibre wrap to make a versatile and reliable t...

    Item No. DBD

    Main category: Sewing Threads [Last Update: 07/24/2012 ]

  • Multi-Color Thread

    Multi-color thread, also called space dyed thread, is made by dyeing different colors in average length of the thread.
    We have three colored thread, five colored thread and seven colored thread,...

    Item No. WCX

    Main category: Sewing Threads [Last Update: 07/24/2012 ]