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  • Country/Region: China (mainland)
  • Province: Guangdong
  • City: Dongguan
  • Contact Person: Mr. Cecilia Chou
  • Tel: 86-769-22296273
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  • Metallic Yarn

    Metallic thread are made of polyester film and supported by nylon, polyester or viscose. It has excellent lubricity, seam strength, good abrasion resistance, shinning colors and good color fastne...

    Item No. JYX

    Main category: Metallic Yarns [Last Update: 07/24/2012 ]

  • Monofilament Yarn

    There are nylon monofilament and polyester transparent thread. Both are strong with chemical resistance, low shrinkage, and high abrasion resistance. Transparent thread is widely used for sewing ...

    Item No. YSX

    Main category: Yarns/n.e.s. [Last Update: 07/24/2012 ]

  • Indigo Sewing Thread

    Indigo sewing thread: Indigo dye does not completely diffuse to sewing thread. After industrial wash the color of the indigo dyed sewing thread fades away. This is the
    expected effect and the re...

    Item No. DLX

    Main category: Sewing Threads [Last Update: 09/18/2012 ]

  • Fire Retardent Thread

    Fireproof thread is twisted by aramid fibre (Kevlar).
    Kevlar has very good heat resistant properties and
    exceptionally high tensile strength. Kevlar is used in
    protective clothing used by fire...

    Item No. FHX

    Main category: Sewing Threads [Last Update: 07/24/2012 ]

  • Nylon 6 Thread

    Nylon 6 sewing thread is twisted by nylon 6 filament. It has features as high abrasion resistance and good elasticity: the elastic recovery rate can reach to 100%
    when it?s elongated 3% ~ 6% of ...

    Main category: Nylon Yarns [Last Update: 07/24/2012 ]

  • Anti-Static Thread

    Anti-static Thread has two types: permanent static-free thread and temporal static-free thread. The factor of the permanent static-free is over 10 to the 6th power, while the temporal static-free...

    Main category: Sewing Threads [Last Update: 07/24/2012 ]

  • Anti-UV Thread

    Anti-UV thread is made by inserting some aging resistance and anti-UV granule. Thus, the thread has the function of anti-UV.

    Item No. KUVX

    Main category: Sewing Threads [Last Update: 07/24/2012 ]

  • Hot Melt Thread

    Using super quality filament yarn as raw material, hot melt thread makes linear links between fabric and paper when it is heated. It's polular with seamless underwear & lingerie manufacturer, and...

    Item No. RRX

    Main category: Sewing Threads [Last Update: 09/18/2012 ]

  • Glow in the Dark Thread

    Glow in the dark thread is a thread that can store light in a long time and present aqua and white in nature light but present kelly in dark. The material can glow in the dark for at least 6 hour...

    Item No. YGX

    Main category: Sewing Threads [Last Update: 07/24/2012 ]

  • Pure Cotton Sewing Thread

    100% Cotton Sewing Thread is made by 100% cotton material, through precisely combing, combining filament strands. With good sewability and low elongation, this thread will not affected by needle ...

    Item No. CMX

    Main category: Sewing Threads [Last Update: 07/24/2012 ]