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Multi-language version – Homepage

Translate into ten languages: ttnet.net translates the column into ten languages that visitors can chose the familiar language.

Multi-language of category search: Multi-language of category search is useful to visitors to find accurate information.

The rotational reliable suppliers: ttnet.net provides the rotational reliable suppliers on homepage, and to recommend high-quality suppliers for global buyers.

Multi-language of featured products: ttnet.net updates featured products for ten languages to makes your promotion more efficiently.

Multi-language of My ttnet

My ttnet including company homepage, about us, products, and contact info will translates to multi-languages. In this way, it will be show in ten languages and promote your products to global market.

Multi-language promotion of Trade Leads and Bookmark & Share

To make B2B website into community website can promote your product to whole world by communication with people.

Multi-language of trade leads will provide buying and selling information more directly.

According to multi-language website, you can promote your product into people’s life and spread out the whole world.

ttnet.net makes a language to eleven languages

When your website becomes multi-language version, it will provide more business opportunities. By posting product information once, ttnet.net has translate it into ten languages that you can get eleven trade markets including Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Italian , and Dutch. Due to multi-language version, you can get more business opportunities on global market.